Friday, November 30, 2012

This is how my old man greets me and my sister. additionally he likes to drone on and on about the transient effects of beauty and fashion but what can i say "frens??!' Its in my blood to discuss and comment on the esthetic virtues of clothes and smell and hairstyle and body anatomy. some say this is not me writing, that this is my ghost writer but i swear on my fathers last strand of hair left on his head it is not true!!

Anyways, enough of referring to my father who is rather antiquated and uneducated when it comes to the finer aspects of fashion and beauty. His idea of fashion is wearing a sponsored sports t shirt and shorts in psychedelic mismatched colours!

So what is the true definition of beauty? Well as you can imagine, it means you are prettier than all the ogres out there! haha! sorry politically incorrect statements are not meant to help. Obviously if you are reading this, i think you are not far off the abyss of falling off the cliff into fashion demeanor. My job is to ramble on about the specific nuances of what can make you look better than your current sorry self. haha , sorry not going to get me any fans here with that statement!

If you are still interested stay tuned to my next blog which will be more didactic, less humourous but great home grown fashion and beauty tips.

Stay tuned and floozy!